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 Eklund Rumours

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PostSubject: Eklund Rumours   Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:14 pm

First off, it didn't take long for the Sabres, who lost Vanek for a up to month (as reported here by Garth....see HERE) to start making calls according to several sources. Apparently the first player that the Sabres may look to in order to keep them in this playoff hunt could be Erik Cole.

Also, The Canadiens are decimated with injuries up front and a solid source in Montreal informed me that "a major deal for a STAR forward and a up-and-coming prospect that will require the loss of one of the top two d-men" has gained serious momentum this evening. However, should that deal go down the Habs would have to pick up either Kaberle, Morris or a player that they are reportedly hoping to grab should he become available...Scott Niedermayer. I have been of the belief that Scott will either stay in Anaheim or maybe come to NJ. There is no doubt that if he is willing to go elsewhere that would be outstanding for the Ducks who need to rebuild with youth. The Flyers are also interested in Niedermayer and have attempted to trade for him numerous times over the years.

Manny Legace looks to be heading to either Columbus or Detroit on Re-entry waivers early next week I am told.....
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Posts : 223
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PostSubject: Re: Eklund Rumours   Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:04 pm

The Sabres definitely look traderish...The latest name, adding to Erik Cole from yesterday and obviously not the choice over Cole, is Tyler Arnason. I am actually a believer that Arnason could thrive from a change, similar to what has happened with Ruutu in Carolina.

Milan Hejduk may indeed be available I am hearing...And the Rangers, Penguins, and Devils are indeed leading the way there...

Antoine Vermette has at times been labeled "untouchable." Well there are suddenly many rumors surrounding this speedy player and Edmonton is the place to look first I am told...

The Flyers are very much in the sweeps for Jay Bo, but another guy who I hear they like is Cam Barker out of Chicago...
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PostSubject: Re: Eklund Rumours   Tue Feb 10, 2009 3:12 pm

Two interesting morning rumors.

The first involves Keith Tkachuk, who is currently still very loyal to the Blues playoff hopes and may be going nowhere, yet that hasn't stopped the contingency plans of others who realize how a strong Tkachuk could be a piece that sets them over the top.

The Bruins, Rangers and Penguins are all eyeing Tkachuk. And that list could grow.

A Bruins source added. "Of course in this incredible season we are witnessing in Boston you have to consider bringing back the hometown boy for a Cup run." Tkachuk went to college in Boston and grew up in a Boston suburb.

In the past I have heard that players like Tkachuk and Roenick have steered clear of beantown. Much has been made of the ownership issues, etc. I still think there must be a part of players deep down that must want to wear the jersey that they grew up watching. I mean these men were once kids and fans.

If you were an NHL player, wouldn't you at some point on some emotional level want to play for the first team of which you were a fan? I would think it would be "The Dream." Or do you just become jaded once you are on the inside of the magic show? Maybe all the politics and money and...money that you see once you are a part of a business that disguises itself as a game kills that boy in you. Maybe once you know the magic tricks wearing the jersey is like wearing any jersey.

How about you? If you could be an NHL player what team would you want to play for? Or wouldn't it matter to you?

Anyway, back to the trade rumors...

Quiet talks between Vancouver and NJ have been going on for over a year now. The Canucks love Gionta and the Devils love Ohlund. I am hearing that there may be finally some talks that could make this happen. At first glance one would ask why Lou Lamoriello would make such a move on a top team?

more to come.
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PostSubject: Jagr to OILERS   Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:42 am

Interesting Murmurs from way up north

Updated at 11:03: Talking to two separate sources and I can now confirm the talks have gone on between the two sides. Still a ways to go, and I would not call this imminent. but I would call it intriguing...

A blog on the Edmonton Journal website cites a source as saying the Oilers are close to Signing a deal with Jaromir Jagr.

I am not hearing anything yet from my Oilers sources, but I would not dismiss this...it is possible. I have been told three times in the last three months of teams talking to Jagr and with the loss of Visnovski the Oilers could pull it off.

However, much like the Islanders signing of Dubie who was subsequently snatched off of the required waivers by the Blue Jackets.

In this case we can fairly certain that Jagr would indeed be snatched off of waivers as well. However, one source tells me that the Islanders could somehow get involved here and pick up Jagr and then deal him to Edmonton.

One thing that I have been told...if this happens you can definitely credit Hemsky for playing a role in this. He is very close with Jagr and sources tell me he has been trying to convince Jaromir since last year when rumours first surfaced here that the Oilers were trying hard to deal for Hemsky
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PostSubject: Most recent from EK   Wed Feb 11, 2009 3:53 pm

It's getting dicey.

Here are some quick hits from the "Freaking out Five." (Alright too tired for alliteration...)

In Montreal...

The injuries and Kovalev's slow descent into nowhere land have certainly left the Habs fans scrambling for their 100-year-old lives as of late. I definitely suggest you read some of Eric Engels latest to get a feel for where the psyche of this team is. The Canadiens themselves are scouting heavily and looking to make a few moves while remaining a very stable and solid franchise at their core. They will make some changes, but not anything that cuts to their core unless Vinny or Jay Bo are involved...Then all bets are off. From talking to people, the real issue here is the "Jay Bo dominos." The Habs are a part of five or so teams that are waiting to see if and where Jay Bo goes.

And Jay will go. Or frankly Martin should go. There is not a single person in the industry that I have talked to who can fathom letting a player like Bouwmeester go for free after the season. "It would be cutting off your face to spite your nose," one source waxed eloquently.

However, can the Habs afford to wait that out? Not likely. I am hearing they have stepped it up with Phoenix regarding Morris as well as Toronto involving Kaberle. Beyond that, rumours of Tkachuk and Gaborik continue to pick up speed. And don't forget Vinny, because I was told today beyond any shadow of a doubt Vinny to Montreal is gaining possibilities and that "All the Habs have to do is put the right four players on the table and it is likely over."

The only glitch is that the Lightning are really playing better as of late, and the price is only going to get higher.

In New York...

Well the annual calls for the GM's and Coach's heads are out there and Renney being fired rumors aren't hard to find. I don't see Renney getting fired, although for his sake I am not so sure that leaving wouldn't be a good thing.

This Avery dance has distracted lately from the fact that this team is built one way and coached another way. It feels a bit too contrived, and a bit too public and while I am sure Avery will lend some spunk, a team of this talent level really shouldn't be hanging their hat on a PR Project.

The Rangers are trying to move Rozsival and may have a taker in Tampa if they are willing to take some money back. Also, the Sabres are said to have some interest in Rozsival as are the Ducks should they move Pronger.

The Rangers need direction and leadership. They could relly benefit from a strong player like Tkachuk. I have also heard they are talking to Chicago although I don't have any more details.

I know the Penguins would love to grab Prucha.

The Penguins...

Last year Sid made it known internally and quietly that he needed his winger. On trade day, the call came down and Hossa was a Pen. This year could be very similar. There is a rumor floating around that Martin St. Louis could be on the Pens radar. Now that would be a fit although I am certain that Vinny and Marty aren't both going to be dealt.

I have also heard Kovalchuk rumors this morning with Pittsburgh. A deal that would send Staal and much more to Atlanta. That is from a good source who told me to remember that other teams would be in on Kovalchuk if he indeed was made available. Mainly Toronto, the Rangers, and Montreal. However, none of them have Staal.

The Penguins need help up front and may deal Satan to do it...Unless they grab Billy Guerin who I personally think would be the PERFECT fit for this squad.

On Calgary...

Remember when this team dominated San Jose? Well since being on the top of the world they have definitely collapsed and we have seen more and more unrest out of what was believed to be the kinder and gentler Keenan.

Cammalleri could be dealt. He is another option for the Pens, but I truly feel that the Flames may be having their slump at the perfect time. This team is too good to panic.

On Vancouver...

The Canucks are trying and Ohlund could be the man to go...That being said Bieska could bring a lot more back and I heard just a whisper of talks with the Rangers for Dubinsky. Makes some sense there...

More to come including Season Ticket Holder Chat at 4pm ET and a HOCKEYRUMORCAST AT 5pm.

Quiet talks between Vancouver and NJ have been going on for over a year now. The Canucks love Gionta and the Devils love Ohlund. I am hearing that there may be finally some talks that could make this happen. At first glance one would ask why Lou Lamoriello would make such a move on a top team?

Finally, check out Shawn Gates Blog today on how to get free hockey cards!

more to come.
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Posts : 223
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PostSubject: Re: Eklund Rumours   Wed Feb 11, 2009 7:54 pm

Kaberle to Habs??? now that would be ineresting!!! wonder what would come back.?
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PostSubject: Eklund is 100% Bull#$%^   Wed Feb 11, 2009 9:06 pm

He makes all of his #$%# up, then claims he "breaks" news.

Not once has he ever beaten TSN, or Sportsnet.
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PostSubject: Tale Of 2 Teams   Thu Feb 12, 2009 4:46 pm

Start here...

Montreal and Edmonton.

Last night's game was an extremely telling one.

Two Canadian teams from two different Conferences.

Two rabid fan bases.

Two teams that have battled through injuries.

Two teams that can outskate the rest when healthy.

One team about where you expected them, fighting for its playoff life with young guns.

The other team, struggling through a spell of confidence with young players and a ton of pressure to make something happen now.

Yesterday and this morning I have taken a ton of calls from people all curious as to what I am hearing and giving me info on what they are hearing.

The sense I get with how these two teams are going about this right now is vastly different.

Pretty much every NHL person I talk to is saying the same thing.

The one team that is far and away being the most aggressive right now and trying to make something happen is...

The Edmonton Oilers.

And the thing is that Oilers have been this way since December. This is what I love about the Oilers. They never rest. As an Oilers fan you know for sure that they are trying everything. Sometimes those gambles don't work out...But I like the fact that they aren't standing pat.

The Jagr situation has to be denied until something gives in Russia. But the interest is there. and there is more than interest. The word is that the KHL is in shambles right now...but the KHL is so important to the country of Russia that our old friend Mendeved is reportedly soon to hold a meeting with the Russian President to discuss the league.

The only was Jagr ends up in the NHL is if the team releases him or fails to pay him and he is granted a release. But could that happen? Really it's anyones guess. Some say yes, some say not a chance. It's Russia and getting information that you can go to the bank with is impossible to come by.

I didn't even report on the rumors of Bure's comeback, and having been in front on the Cherepanov tragedy, I remember talking to the NHL and they themselves saying that they were hearing that as I was, but "it's Russia."

I have heard the Oilers have tried to get Jay Bo on several occasions and even came close two weeks ago...I have heard that Hossa is the target this summer again, despite varying reports that he is close to signing in Detroit. I don't think he is, but I can confirm that there have been a lot more talks between Hossa and the Wings than I thought there would be given the Wings cap situation.

Now for the other team....

The Montreal Canadiens.

No one works harder than Bob Gainey. However, he does so in a much different way. Everyone I talk to says Gainey is the king of the contingency plan. I know this to be the case because of all the rumors that I hear and report on. So many of which are contingency plan talks. To define that for you:

Teams will hold talks and put contingencies on the the proposed deal...For example, "If we are in the hunt for the playoffs we will consider doing this...."

So, many of those talks happened last month.

Now, however, the Habs are very quiet I am told. Could the Canadiens be waiting for something else? I believe so. I do. I also think that there was no planning for so much going crazy at once. Injuries, Price's confidence, Kovalev's spiral, etc. It is a deadly combination.

The Canadiens have never made a panic deal. NEVER. I get the impression the crossroads they are at now is deciding if they are still the team that can make a serious run or if they should make a deal for a star player...Like Jay Bo or Lecavalier, who are very much out there, but may hurt their chances in this one season.

What would you do?

I was in a debate in our chat yesterday with a Habs fan who wouldn't trade Kovalev for Bouwmeester because you didn't know if you could sign either next year and he felt the issue to try and win now was offense.
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PostSubject: Re: Eklund Rumours   Thu Feb 12, 2009 4:51 pm

I know alot of Eklunds rumours never pan out but still it makes it interesting to read some rumours... i live for hockey rumours haha
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PostSubject: Re: Eklund Rumours   Fri Feb 13, 2009 12:06 am


Kaberle to Sharks?
Schneider to Habs?
Khabibulin to Flyers?
Vermette to Stars?
Briere to Habs?

Kaberle to Sharks would be interesting... although Sharks do not have their 1st round pick?? and Schneider to Habs could happen seeing as the Habs need some help on that back end moving the puck
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PostSubject: Re: Eklund Rumours   

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Eklund Rumours
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